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You Can Eliminate 3-Putts & Shave 6-10 Strokes Off Your Score - If You Follow This Simple Plan

Watch this video to learn how we can help you become automatic from 3 feet and in, remove your fear of the 5-10 foot putt, and give you the confidence to know that those scorecard wrecking 3-putts are no longer part of your game!

As a special thank you for entering our giveaway, we would like to give you 60% OFF The Putting Project (normal price $49)...our brand new course created to help you become automatic from 3 feet and in, remove your fear of the 5-10 foot putt, and give you the confidence to know that those scorecard wrecking 3-putts are no longer part of your game.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As soon as you join The Putting Project, you'll get immediate access to the training site. You'll be able to instantly watch the videos, read the coaching tips and start working on your putting right away.

The Putting Project contains over 2 hours of video coaching to quickly get you on the way to being a better putter.

But here's the best part...unlike a DVD or book on putting, The Putting Project is a living course.

The Putting Project will be constantly evolving with new drills, interviews with more experts, equipment reviews and coaching tips to help you improve your game!

Master the Perfect Putting Stroke

You'll learn how to build a fundamentally sound putting stroke that won't break down when the pressure is on to finish the hole.

Make Your Game 3-Putt Proof

You'll develop the confidence to stand over any putt knowing that you can hole it...and at worst just be left with an easy tap-in.

Hone Your Skills With Drills & Games

You'll head to the practice green with an arsenal of drills and games that will make every practice session fun and effective!

Learn to Read Greens Like a Pro

You'll step onto the green with a plan of attack, knowing how to read the slope, compensate for the grass grain, and find the perfect line for your putt.

Meet Your Instructors:

I've recruited two top-notch PGA teaching professionals with decades of coaching experience for this project...

Kirk Jones, PGA is a true pioneer and leader in modern fundamental golf instruction. Kirk’s accomplishments include improving from an 18+ handicap to scratch golfer and Junior All-American in one year, being named as an NCAA All-star team member (1982), and winning professional events in 5 consecutive decades. Kirk has studied under, been influenced by, and teamed up with a long list of many of the world’s best instructors spanning 3 generations of golf. He has given more than 50,000 hours of instruction over the past 38 years.

A Senior Class A PGA Professional with a Specialization in Teaching & Coaching, Steve Schaff, PGA is the director of player development at Ironwood GC in Gainesville, FL. A highly competitive golfer, he played in two U.S. Senior Opens (2007, 2011), qualifying for the latter (as an alternate) by shooting 5-under over the final four holes--including a hole-in-one in his qualifier.

The Putting Project Curriculum

Step-by-Step Learning System


Module 1: Introduction

This module will teach you the Fundamental Learning Model, our process for teaching golf to players of every level. You'll next learn how to create Neuromuscular Patterns so that your stroke will hold up even under intense pressure. Lastly, we'll teach you the Laws of Impact and how they relate to the putting stroke.


Module 2: Putting Technique

This module dives into the meat of the putting stroke. You'll learn how to find a grip that best suits you, how to set up over the ball to lock in your aim and how to impart the proper overspin for optimal ball roll. Next we'll show you how to groove your stroke with our favorite training aids. Finally, you'll get tips for short, mid-range and lag putts.


Module 3: Drills & Putting Games

This module gives you 10 different drills and games to take your practice sessions to the next level. You'll learn how to make practice efficient, realistic and effective for sharpening your stroke and grooving muscular patterns for success. You'll love the putting games as they make each practice session more enjoyable and introduce pressure elements to keep your game sharp.


Module 4: On the Course

This module helps you take your new skills and translate them to the actual golf course. You'll learn the fundamentals of green reading, including how the grain affects ball spead and break, how to read the slope and how to work from the fringe. In addition, you'll get a 6-step warm up process to use when you arrive on the course to make sure you putt your best every round.

Here’s what people are saying about The Putting Project...

Leon M.

Tampa, FL

Helped me get my putting back on point!

As a lapsed mid-handicapper coming back into playing golf again, this course really helped me get my putting back on point. I'm confident heading back out on the course that I will sink more putts!

Brad H.

Gainesville, FL

Awesome resource from an amazing teacher!

I've known Steve for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to play with him multiple times. I was so excited to see him take all of his years of experience and put it into course form. It's an awesome resource from an amazing teacher.

Donovan I.

Lake Wales, FL

Just the start I needed!

The Putting Project gave me just the start I needed as a beginner golfer. As a college soccer player,, I know the importance of muscular patterning...Kirk & Steve helped me get things right from the beginning in this new sport.


Even More Bonus Content for You!

The modules detailed above will tighten up your putting stroke, take the knee-knocking out of 5 foot par saving putts, and get you shooting lower golf scores right away. But The Putting Project doesn't stop herre. We've packed it full of bonus content to help you squeeze every bit of scoring advantage possible out of your game.

Bonus 1
2020 Putter Buyer's Guide

A craftsman is only as good as his tools. The same holds true for golfers!

This buyer's guide will take you through the top putters available on the market and help you find the one that best fits your physical needs and putting stoke.

Having the right putter in hand will give you the confidence you need to knock down those tough scoring putts.

Bonus 2
Top Training Aids

We are firm believers in the importance of using training aids to guide the body into the proper technique.

Good training aids provide immediate feedback so you know you are building the proper neuromuscular patterns.

Locking in these patterns will help you to perform under pressure and hole more putts out on the course.

Bonus 3
Building Your Putting Lab

The best putters don't just work on their game on the golf course or driving range putting green.

Learn how to build your own at-home "Putting Lab" so you can work on your game any time, any place and in any weather. Right from your own home!

We'll give you options to fit any budget...from the bare minimum to a first-class home putting green that would even make the pros envious!

Okay - So What's the Investment for This Incredible Putting Training Program?

Let's do a quick comparison - if you decided to work one-on-one with a golfing pro...that would likely set you back $300-600 per month for a private lesson once per week. (Kirk, for example, charges $150 for a one hour lesson at his home course).

You would need multiple lessons with a pro just to scratch the surface of what's included in The Putting Project. And you'll most likely forget half of what you learned with your instructor before you even get home.

With the Putting Project, all of the instruction, drills and resources are available to you online and through downloadable PDFs directly accessible from the Internet.

You can go back to review any time you want - on any device you want (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.).

Because you'll be accessing the course online and we can scale easily to meet customer demand – I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you would pay for several lessons with Kirk or Steve. I'm not going to even charge what you would pay for a single lesson.

In fact, your total investment for this course will be just a one-time cost of $49.

But please understand, this launch price will only be offered for a limited time, and then it will return to the original full price, which will still be a fanastic value.

The Putting Project - ONline Access

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And if you don’t see a tangible increase in your putting ability within 30 days of buying this course, you can take a mulligan and I’ll send you 100% of your money back.

No hoops to jump through. Just make an honest attempt at following our step-by-step instruction and working through the drills, and I will literally guarantee your success!

30 Days From Now, Where Will You Be?

If you’re still reading this, then you know you want to score better with your putter.

It’s time to stop sitting around blaming the weather, lack of time, or whatever excuse is holding you back.

The truth is, you can become a better putter. Being a marksman on the green isn't reserved for PGA Tour pros only. Being a lights out putter isn't a matter of physicality...it's a mix of technique, feel and the discipline to practice effectively to get better.

Now is the time to take control of your game and mark down more birdie and par scores on your card!

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I’ll see you on the inside!

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