The Serious Hackers Guide to Breaking 100

This 55 page ebook will coach you up on the strategy and mindset you need to finally (and consistently) break 100!

We’ll teach you a new way to approach your scorecard, take the pressure off your shotmaking, develop a gameplan for each hole and shoot lower scores.

Trying to Play Like a PGA Tour Pro is Why You Struggle to Break 100...

First of all, it’s important to recognize that you are not playing on the PGA Tour.

Now that may be obvious, but sometimes when we watch the pros play on TV, we attempt the shots they make seem easy. This is a costly mistake as it relates to your score.

If you are trying to break 100 for the first time, attempting to hit shots like an “expert” can cause one bad shot to lead to another after another.

The United States Golf Association, USGA, defines the word par as “the score that an expert player would be expected to make for a given hole. Par means expert play under ordinary weather conditions, allowing two strokes on the putting green.”

Notice the words in bold underlined…expert player.

For pros, par is the standard, and they approach the game accordingly. But as a golfer trying to break 100, you need a different approach...

Learn How to Break 100 With YOUR Game

Breaking 100 doesn't require you to hit booming 300 yard drives, gorgeous flop shots or laser like 20 foot putts. Most golfers already possess the skills they need to break 100, they just don't have the mentality.

The Serious Hackers Guide to Breaking 100 will provide the strategy and gameplan you need to hit this milestone with your current skill set and a little bit of focused practice.


First, we'll teach you the match of breaking 100. It's not complicated...and it will take the pressure of scoring so that you can play your best.

You'll learn how to set your "new target par" and adjusted green in regulation to keep you on track for scoring no matter what course you are playing on.


The 4 part Core Strategy will not only help you break 100 quickly, but will also position you to break 90 in short order.

The Core Strategy will fine tune your irons and help you create competency around the green…all skills you need throughout your golf career.


Your path to breaking 100 will be more about limiting your blow up holes than it is about going low on a few holes.

You'll learn how to avoid danger, get out of trouble spots and plot your way around those scorecard wrecking holes that ruin your score every round. 


Bert Ingley is a serious hacker/golfer who loves the game and is on a constant quest to improve and share the journey with his fellow golfers. He was a successful case study for the strategies and tips taught by this guide, breaking 100 for the first time within just a few months of taking up the game.

Steve Schaff,  a Senior Class A PGA Professional with a Specialization in Teaching & Coaching,  is the director of player development at Ironwood GC in Gainesville, FL. A highly competitive golfer, he played in two U.S. Senior Opens (2007, 2011), qualifying for the latter (as an alternate) by shooting 5-under over the final four holes--including a hole-in-one in his qualifier.

Here's What's Included:


Chapter 1: Breaking 100 Scoring System

Only 5% of golfers ever even break 80, so very few players consistently play par golf. We have to change the way we look at a golf course and change the way we look at the scorecard. You'll learn the math you need to know to set up your stress free strategy to break 100.


Chapter 2: The New Course Management System

This section outlines the 4 components of the Core Strategy. Combined with the adjusted par and recalculated Green in Regulation numbers from Chapter 1, you'll be able to plot the perfect strategy for attacking the course.


Chapter 3: Shot Selection Wisdom

We'll teach you the Traffic Light system to help you know when to "attack the flagstick" and when to take a less risky approach. You'll learn to adapt your approach to the green based on your natural shot shape so you can always stay in your comfort zone.


Chapter 4: Avoiding Disaster

As we mentioned above, your journey to breaking 100 will be more about the big scores you don't post, than it is about getting birdies and pars. You'll learn how to prevent disaster before it strikes and keep blowout holes from wrecking your scorecard.


Chapter 5: On and Around the Green

Your tee shot, setup and approach shots are only half the battle when it comes to breaking 100. You’ve got to finish off the hole in order to put a score down on the card. Becoming highly proficient on and around the green is one of the quickest ways to slash strokes off your score. We'll tune up your short game and putting so you can go low!


Chapter 6: Club Selection & Distances

Many golfers believe they hit the ball farther than they actually do…you need to know your “for real” distance. We'll teach you how to get accurate distance data so you can pick the perfect club for every shot.


Chapter 7: A Little Golf Psychology

Having a simple plan and smart strategy is the foundation of our mission to help you break 100. Now it’s time to focus on the mental game. In this section, we’ll give you several tools to get you into the right mindset to achieve your goal.


In addition to the 7 core chapters that make up The Serious Hackers Guide to Breaking 100, we've included 3 bonus chapters to accelerate your progress toward posting a double digit score for your round...

Pre-Round Warm Up

A solid warm up routine will help you play your best every time you get on the course. This simple warm up will have you firing on all cylinders even when you only have a few minutes before your tee time. 

Stat Tracking

You don't want to get overloaded with trying to track too many stats when you are just getting started. We'll show you how to track the key "major mistake" stats so you can clean up your game and shoot lower!

Play Examples

Theory is important, but seeing a strategy in action often more valuable. We'll take you out on the course with a real life example from one of our friends as he plays par 3, 4 and 5 holes using the system.

You Don't Have to Settle for Mediocre Scores

According to the National Golf Foundation, only 26 percent of golfers shoot below 90 consistently. A whopping 45 percent of golfers average more than 100 strokes per round.

Those numbers are probably even inflated a bit. Most golfers don’t truly follow the rules of golf properly…especially when it pertains to Out of Bounds.

Bottom line, if you’ve been struggling to cross the 100 barrier into double digits, you are not alone. The good news is that the 90s are well within your grasp with a little work…and this guide!

Ready to Get Started?

We could easily charge $30 or more for this guide. It's packed with information that will radically change your game and help you be successful on the golf course immediately.

But we aren't going to charge $30...we aren't even going to charge $20...or $10.

We want to help as many golfers as possible reach this scoring milestone as quickly as possible, so we are going to make The Serious Hackers Guide to Breaking 100 a no-brainer purchase at only $7.

The serious hackers guide to Breaking 100

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Breaking 100 is a huge milestone for every golfer. Going from triple digits to double digits on the golf course is a major accomplishment. If you put into practice the strategies you'll learn in this guide, you will be well on your way to achieving this goal in just a few rounds.

We can't wait to hear your success story!

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